RUMBA EXPERIENCE: Much More Than A Show…

I don’t know if the public knew what was coming. I thought so, but no. They may have seen the company rehearse a part, but they couldn’t imagine the outcome. Rumba Experience is the new show created by my team of molineros. And what did I think? I thought I would go up on stage to dance, which is exactly how the rumba should be danced. And of course I danced like a scoundrel! But the best part wasn’t what they did on stage, but what happened when they came off it.

I got to the amphitheater and from there I saw the expectant crowd  enter. Some seemed to choose the seat to see better, to be more comfortable… If they had known what awaited them, they wouldn’t have lost so much time in choosing their seat! And the revelry began…


Not only because Vanessa, Aina, Maite and Geni proved they are the queens of the house; nor because Genia, Javier, Roger and Juli became a mixture of fighters, tango and flamenco dancers, ie rogues, who provoked the sighs from the women and even some of the men. Not only that, but also because as the performers asked the public to mark the beat clapping, the party ensued. Because claps are the prelude of movement, they are like a kiss: it all starts there. And as the audience caught the beat of the rumba, it only took them half a minute with a whip of Aina’s mane and a wink from Juli to get your whole body moving. Moving the body is addictive for a very simple reason: when you focus on it, you forget everything else. Which is a perfect remedy for leaving reality for a while.

The show of my boys seemed therapeutic. I saw a chubby girl start moving rigid with fear to end up wiggling like a diva of Rhythm & Blues. And a lanky lad fallen try to keep up with her, whose arm was hooked around her waist and kept looking down to look at the sky, rocked by the rhythm and feeling like the luckiest guy in the Milky Way.

Do you know why there are things that work even though the years pass? Because it has something in common with all: the need to have fun, to be free, to escape reality for a while. And that without doubt, you feel after watching this show. It’s the rumba and you have to come see it. Forget for a while who you are dancing and having fun, it’s a session of Rumba Experience in El Molino that all doctors should start to prescribe.

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