The Spirit of El Molino went to the Burlesque Festival and wished they had a body…

On the edge. That’s the space that separates the boring and interesting, vulgar and exquisite. Sometimes, yes, it’s just an edge. After watching the show they had prepared at home for Barcelona V Burlesque Festival, this Molinero Spirit regrets more than ever not having a body. And based on what I’ve seen, I will ask the gods to grant me one to be joyous and alive again.

And in my house last night I lived unforgettable, seductive, exciting moments. Not only because of the underwear of Miss Banbury Cross, but because her curves awoke the howls of men that are not usually heard. Because if nothing is wrong with showing a bit of flesh, then neither is the reaction it causes in those who watch and contemplate it. Tell that to the ladies who groaned when Genia showed his beautiful body and athletic skills with a vertical bar that became his home.


The body, alas, the body. The El Molino team is a group of artists that is growing. They were demons, angels, lovers, friends, accomplices, dancers, actors and entertainers. Itziar Castro, master of ceremonies, accompanied with a generous body that seems directly proportional to its power on stage. She provoked laughter among the audience with her mischief. Of course, if we speak of bodies, we must mention the only: Merche Mar, yes, with that neckline that girls envy, she shared with the audience captivating tales. 

Burlesque is seduction but Sebastian and Susana, the Karajan Duo, added the love story. They climb onto the trapeze up there and do what many might not even dare to do on the ground. The impossible tale was brought by Layla and Ekateryna with their athletic bodies, one on the floor, the other on the fabric and the hoops, showing that the body is like imagination: unlimited.

The festival of burlesque is eroticism, skill, charm, yes, but also it has always been a great and fun way to break stereotypes. Whoever wants to dismantle a few, come see the show without a second thought. Here there is no fat or skinny, there is no clumsy, there are no ugly people because beauty, fat and sympathy are nothing more than pure attitude. Whoever enters here will realize that the female body is no more beautiful than a man’s. Those who enter here will see that the body excites women just as much as men when the allure is through the eyes. I openly express; come see that complexes are not removed with diet, sport or with makeup: they are removed by the spirit, loving the body, moving it and enjoying it.

Come see what we have organized for this V Barcelona Burlesque Festival, we are waiting until 13th June. Come, come, look, look, let yourself be seduced. And stop living as if legs, arms, back, chest, stomach and head were not more than useful tools. The body is fun, El Molino friends, the body is also made for enjoyment. You do not know how sorry I am that I don’t have one. You who have it, come see us and remember that you have one that caters well for useful delight. I’m not going to insist on convincing, because I know that if they dare to follow their impulses, your legs will bring you directly to the door of El Molino.

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